my travels

What is better than a train image to represent the idea of travelling ? For me, nothing….

And if travelling means mainly to know other people, trying to understand their culture, being, only for a moment, in the middle of local traditions, no other is more fitting than train.

Once upon a time, Leonardo Sciascia, the famous Sicilian author of ‘The day of the Owl’ and ‘One way or another’, was in Sants rail station in
Barcelona, Spain, waiting for a train to Italy. A journalist
surprised, ask him why he was not taking a plane.
Sciascia's answer was: ‘because the train is the

And then... let's start
In those pages, you’ll find the description
of my travels, mostly by train. Frankly speaking,
this section of site is realized mainly for myself but who is
going in the same places where I was could, probably find some
useful info’s.

And if you like to ask me something that is not in pages, or you just want to contact me send me an e-mail.

Last update: 28/08/2005

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