Scandinavia 1993, 2 of 3: Straits of Øresund


Unfortunately, also pictures in this page are quite bad (and you don't have seen still that ones of last page!)
I start to think I have done those pages more for me than for other users. Who knows? I will see it by number of hits.

This page is about crossing from denmark to sweden. Nowadays I think is not like that anymore, since a bridge
connecting Malmö and Copenhagen was built just few years ago but, in 1993, I took the train to Helsingör
and from there there was a ferry. Here you can see some of the very few pictures I have done in that occasion.


The above picture was done very close to danish coast. The crossing lasted about half an hour, more or less like the one from Sicily to Calabria, in Italy, but, in the four time I made it, it appears to me much faster in boarding and disembarking trains. Far away you can see the Hamlet castle (anyway, it's better the cover page picture). Two other pictures show two harbours, one of Helsingör at left and Helsingbörg at right.
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