Scandinavia 1993, 3 of 3: Göteborg


Göteborg and the rain. If someone asks me what I remember better about my trip to Göteborg I won't hesitate: the rain. In this pciture you will not see it (they are already bad enough).
but I can swear that I got a lot. At the end of the story, Göteborg is yet a nice town, with probably nicest people in Sweden,
warms and cordials. For this reason, yes, I remember also people and a nice centre of the town, elegant and sober.


In confirmation of this, there are two pictures. One in the upper part of the page and another here above, at left, showing nice buildings along a canal. This one is Stora Hamn kanalen. At right, a picture of Karralund camping.
I don't remember this one was the name of the camping or just of the place where the camping was. Luckily there was a place for this watered italian and even between solid walls (I was never so confident with tents).

You will see better photos, when I'll put on-line the ones of my longer trip in Scandinavia in the next year.
For this one, that's all.
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