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Local flora 2

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On sunny days as the one when those pictures were shooted, you are really dazzled by the colours of this wonderful land.

The magnificent conjunction of green on foreground and sea constantly present in background creates view of unbeatable beauty.
Cultivation terraces are the only way to let the man grows plants on this hard land coming down to sea. Hard to cultivate but able to give wonderful wines.

Cinque Terre white wine is one of them, perfect with fish courses typical in all Liguria. But true protagonist of local cellar is sciacchetrà, a sweet wine that could not be described. You have to taste it.
Is usual when you walk in the natural park of cinque terre: after a curve, suddenly an opening between the trees and in in front of the eye an astonishing view that let you admired but also a little feared looking where you put your feet.
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