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Frankly speaking I do not know which are the typical animals of cinque terre. For sure, cat is one of them. Cats, cats, cats everywhere. They became also a marketing symbol appearing on all kind gadget.

Cat in this picture, quietly standing in one of the pic-nic area available all along the "via dell'amore", doesn't seem to care so much. Good season is arrived and he can enjoy sun and generous tourists.
On Vernazza tower I met this seagull, standing on a terrace, maybe resting after fishing.

In the back, sea insinuating between rocks.
The seagull was so indifferent that I may coming closer as you can see in this close-up.

Do the seagulls think? And if the answer is yes what do they think about?

For sure, to this one, seems to lack a pipe in the spout, as an old seawolf carefully looking at wind and clouds to understand the forthcoming weather.
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